By Nicole Zaunbrecher

Tighter, grip my bones
Seal freedom away
Cage the bird
Softer, lick my lips
Sweet words of delicate
Decadence in the curve
Of a young girl’s wrist
Frail and pale
Lighter, shine on me
Radiance and warmth
Smile with teeth
Wipe the tears away
She is fine
Look at me
The way I dip my head
My cheeks blush
My ears burn
Tantalized she dances
Victory, save me
Elegance and rosebuds
Decorate her like a corpse
Fresh as snow
Spring sorrows
Hear me now
Hear my words
Listen to me when I am speaking
The bird wants to be free
She is strong, but she is not okay
See me now
Use your eyes
Look at me when I fall
Grace is not in dancing
But the way her head is held high

Am I undone?


Nicole Zaunbrecher’s poems have been published by The America Library of Poetry and in a class anthology called Running on St. George Street. She is a graduating student at Flagler College in St. Augustine, FL, pursuing a Bachelor’s in English and Creative Writing.