To Follow Giant Steps

By Nick Pisanelli

Along crags stretching the South Sea
I scraped for clams on haunches of giants
To fill my thirst on the mineral
Water, all shivering for sodium.

I found in one a pearl for cracking,
In utero deposits for my maw.
I splintered molars on its streaking
White, and used slivers to pin my stomach.

Glue held the scaffolding together
In the belly of its machinery.
Where systems of rings were to spin lay
So many floors of photocopied white.

I saved shells in dense matted hair
For the starboard sides of yawning vessels.
Under oars I scraped harbors for salt.
And there I mined, grain by grain, winter to winter.


Nick Pisanelli was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada, before attending the University of San Francisco to study English. He plans on receiving his MA from the University of Chicago next year.