The Glass House

By Lauren Weber 

Transparent gleam reflects light, feeding Moon
Mother a feast of warm golden delight.
Nestled in an Oak, the glass house cocoon.
The Woodpecker strives with all his might

to drill at the crystal walls but, his beak
always breaks off and joins the sharpened glass.
One Woman, one Man inhabit the sleek
sharp tower. Tuesdays, Man contrasts

The bright clean windows of the glass house
with pomegranate red, smeared throughout.
But one summer day, the Woman doused
the transparent box, and watched it flare up.

Glass house, glass house, you are blazing on fire!
Glass house, glass house, came to rot with desire.


Lauren Weber is currently an undergraduate English major with a creative writing minor at Flagler College. She is looking forward to her study abroad trip to Cusco this summer, as well as finishing her last year at Flagler. She hopes to work for Teach For America and continue on to graduate school to further her education in writing.