Reasons to Reread Books

Eliott WonBy Elliot Won

I believe there are books that have to be reread. We read great works by different authors and continuously read books to expand our literary knowledge. Others may read just for leisure purposes. We are always exploring for more books to read as it may be more enjoyable than the one we read before or just free of choice. What draws you to your next book of choice? Is it the cover? Is it the author? Is it popular? Specifically in college, students may have to read books for their English classes and these books are correlating to the class’ required books for the course. The class required books may become an interest to you as well. But why reread books? Why reread classic books that you may have not read in awhile?

  1. Rereading a book you have read before gives you a better understanding of the book.

When you first finish a book, you may have read the book and understood the plot and the basic overall setting of the book. But, can you tear down those words in the book and understand the whole meaning that the author was trying to convey to you? Personally, when I reread great novels from the past, I can understand some foreshadowing to a conflict in the introduction prior to the climax.

2. Rereading a book you have read before may relate to the book you may have read recently.

When you reread a book, some things may be similar to the book you are reading now or you have read recently. It may be the plot, setting, or the characters’ roles of the book you have read recently that may relate to the book you are rereading. This will also help you to analyze the book much better than you will have if you read it once.

3. Rereading a book you have read before can help you to appreciate the old classics.

Lots of the time the book you may be rereading are classics. From Fitzgerald to Hemingway, you get to appreciate the work that they have written. These books are usually now turned into movies which allow you to compare how the book is similar or different from the movie. When you reread the book, you can also analyze the book to see if there are distinct changes from the book and the movie.

Overall, rereading a book can help benefit you for your pure literature knowledge. It allows you as a reader to better grasp the understanding of the book and to analyze the book more. It allows you to challenge yourself a reader to see if there are any special author styles that you may be able to use for your writing. It helps the reader to become effective writers by learning from the different methods and styles that the author used. Yes, you may have seen it before when you first read the book. But, like I have stated, rereading the book allows you to become better thinkers in literature and more knowledgeable.