Readers Block?

By Rhiannon Alter

I’m pretty sure the last time I picked up a book out of pure will and desire to read was years ago. Three years ago I got to college, where my love for reading continued to die as it slowly had in highschool. Middle school was the most recent time I can recall where I actually read for pleasure.

When I was younger, my love for writing accompanied my love for reading. Although I stopped reading, I continued writing. I wonder if this intervened with my ability to write. Would I be a better writer if I read more? I feel like I may be doing myself a disservice. Alongside that, I’m sad that my love for reading has died down as a whole.

I know many of my friends also struggle with staying motivated to read throughout college, both for their classes and for pleasure. This is mostly due to the fact that college = a lot of reading. It’s true, most of the college reading it a lot of painful, dense, and boring material. It’s reading you just HAVE to do.

Recently, I’ve missed reading for myself. I miss actually picking up a book to enjoy, and it’s hard to find the motivation…So for those struggling like myself, here are some ways to slowly get back into reading:

  1. Find a book with an interesting cover. I know it sounds a little silly, but if you can appreciate the artwork of the cover, you can probably appreciate what’s inside the book!
  2. Sign up for a literary website that sends you a new story/poem each day.
  3. Search for a subject opposite to what you’ve been recently studying in school: escapism.
  4. Go to a local bookstore, maybe a second-hand
  5. Procrastinating? Might as well pick up a book. There are many mindless ways to procrastinate, reading may be much more beneficial!
  6. Remind yourself of why reading is important.
  7. Return to an old favorite, even if it’s a book from your childhood. Revisit why you enjoyed it before, why you decided to read it.