Nude Nana on a Public Beach

By Terell Robinson

I saw her swirling in the dunes
Of Kauna’oa Bay. Her stomach
Held stories of c-section kisses,
Her skin a crushed peach plastic
Next to the glowing moon.
Her tourist pink and Hawaiian blue
One-piece bathing suit was guarded
By the thick base of a palm tree,
White sand sprinkled around it like sugar.

The spider web veins of her feet
Lapped up the water of a tide pool,
Cool to her skin baked by a tropical
Sun. She kicked up the sand like mist
In the pool and held her hand
Against the moon. There, a small
Ring wrapped around her wedding
Finger gleamed gold in her iris.

The mist of the tide pool gave way
To small hermit crabs beginning to hide
In shells as transparent as glass,
Tricking themselves into safety.
She slowly takes the ring
Off of her finger, leaves it in the water,
And begins to soak it in.


Terell Robinson attends Flagler College with a major in English and a minor in Creative Writing. A graduate from Douglas Anderson School of the Arts with a major in Creative Writing, Robinson enjoys all facets of Creative Writing and tries his best to express his love of the human experience through his poetry and short fiction. Robinson hopes that he will continue to grow. Writing is a learning process and he hopes to learn all that he can.