Finding the Motivation to Read

By Erica Riccio-Polletta

Let’s face it, college life is hectic. Reading textbooks, writing papers, clubs, and other extracurricular activities takes up most of my time from reading anything fun and relaxing. Being a senior is a stressful time and almost no room for anything fun, but I have some tips for anyone having issues with not being able to read for fun.

Tip One: Stress

Stress is one of the main feelings that we all know in general. Homework deadlines, jobs, children, and other activities are just some of the things that stress us out because it’s one task after another. So, to bring in fun reading is to prioritize work and play. What seems to help me is to do homework for an hour or two, whatever you prefer, take a break and read for a half hour or an hour. My stress level went down, and my mind cleared to where I was focused enough to get my homework and other tasks done.

Tip Two: Prioritize

I always try to get my homework and other tasks done by the weekend, so that way I have time for myself to relax to rejuvenate for the next week. By doing this, I get my homework done, leaving me to read for the weekend or enjoy the days with friends. To prioritize, I make a list of all my assignments, class reading and extracurricular activities and get each task done one by one. I also give myself an hour at least for a break so I don’t burn myself out. This tip helps me staying on top of what’s important, but also giving time to myself.

Tip Three: Weather

The weather is starting to turn into sunny and breezy days, and it’s one of my favorite times to sit outside and read. Cool air always does me good after a long day of sitting inside from classes and homework. This is the perfect time to open a book. Rainy days are also good for reading, when all you want to do is snuggle up in bed.

Tip Four: Bring Your Book With You

To read, you obviously don’t need a physical book. Sometimes I bring my book, or sometimes I use my laptop instead. It’s your preference. I read news articles, Amazon books and fan fiction on my laptop. Always keep a book handy!

Tip Five: Find Inspiration

This is the most important, at least for me, because if I don’t find a book that catches my attention I typically won’t read it. I try to find a book that’s new and different! I try it out and if I like, I’ll take it. If not, then I try something different! Once you find the one, you’ll be happy and enjoy reading it wherever you are.