Finding the Inspiration to Write

By Cali Getson

Writing is art. There are many rules and valuable techniques for how authors should go about creating their literary art. However, I believe the biggest part of the writing process is finding inspiration. This should be numero one on every writers list on how to create literary masterpieces.

What is inspiration? Inspiration is a feeling one gets when they see or hear something that moves them. Usually, it sticks to the inside of your brain like a sticky note and you find yourself coming back to the thing giving you the same weird feeling inside. It can be descried as an itch you want to remove from your mind and get it down on paper. Or sometimes, it feels like a warmth spreading throughout your mind, warming up your imagination.



Where does one find inspiration? Inspiration can be found in locations, books, art, music, social media, and everything in between. People can be inspired by going to, or just seeing a picture of a location. Whether it’s a cute small town or the Grand Canyon. Architecture of a town or a single building can inspire a story that takes place in that location, i.e. The Haunted Mansion. Nature can also inspire people with its vivid colors and changing of the seasons.

Anytime I see a picture of Wonder Woman I am inspired to want to write about fierce women taking control of their lives and exceeding others expectations. She also makes me want to become a better person and exceed my own expectations of myself. She is already a literary masterpiece created by someone else but that’s okay. Books, movies, and characters that have already been created can inspire you too. Fan-fiction is proof of this. People become part of fandoms and create more stories with the characters, putting their own spin of them. Quotes can also inspire people. Any people have quotes as tattoos on their body or put them in front of their chapters because the quote inspires them or makes them feel something when they hear/see it.

Music can also inspire literary masterpieces. A girl in my creative writing class took Queen’s song Bohemian Rhapsody and turned it into a novel idea about a girl and a guy running away from their past. Right now, Kesha and Macklemore’s song “Good Old Days” inspires me to live every second to the fullest and try to capture the memories as they happen so I can look back on them. Jon Bellion’s album “The Human Condition” inspires me with its music but I am even more inspired to write a story about the album art he had commissioned by David Lojaya. This is a great example of getting inspiration from others inspiration because Jon was inspired to write the songs, David was inspired by the songs to create the art, and now I am inspired by them to create a story based on their art. By sharing our ideas and letting them evolve past what we alone could imagine is also a big part of how social media can inspire us. Tumblr, Pinterest, Vine, Facebook, Twitter, etc. I mostly get inspired by Tumblr posts that have been screenshotted and put on Pinterest. On Pinterest you can see writing topic ideas, fan-fiction, quotes, art, and just people’s random ideas that they float out into the world and people add on to them making them better. It is one big workshop of ideas and stories. All of the inspiration is in one place making it easier for me to gather the images that inspire me and go back to them when I am ready to write about them.

Without inspiration there would be no advancement of society because we would be unimaginative and unable to change and grow. Take advantage of the things around you to become inspired and add your own art to the ever-inspiring masterpieces that others are creating.

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