Fall 2014 Cover Artist: Alejandro Gonzalez

Enjoy some more pieces from our Fall 2014 cover artist, Alejandro Gonzalez.

Burning-Out (1)
“Burning Out”


“The Conductor”


Me-and-My-Broke-Heart-1000 (1)
“Me and My Broke Heart”


“Away from Here”

 Alejandro’s Artist Statement

I use photography as a means of self-expression which is why I’m usually my own model. I started a 365 project back in 2013 to cope with my friend’s death. Having to constantly create new work helped me overcome his death and photography became like self-therapy for me.  My goal is to make photographs about my personal experiences and if the viewer happens to feel some sort of connection with my work then that’s a plus. I create work for me and everything else is always a plus.

My choice of subject comes from personal experiences, and music. If I’m experiencing heartbreak then I will portray that in my photos. If a certain song brings back old memories (happy or sad) then I will portray that in my work. I don’t like sticking to one theme because I like to take the viewer into a whole different world with each photograph.

I am inspired by everyday life as well as personal experiences. I hope to bottle up happy and sad moments in my photographs to save for later. This collection of work is a mixture of both my personal experiences and my imagination.