Fall 2012 Update #1: Online Stuff & NewPages!

Hello all! As of right now, we’re going through all the submissions we received over the summer and are hoping to get responses back to everyone by at least mid-October. Everyone on staff is stoked, pumped, excited, (insert other adjectives here) about getting this issue out!
We’re also kicking up a bit of dust on the Interwebs – we’re fixing our theme (how do you like it so far?) and posting on Facebook. We gave the Twitter a facelift, and we added two new staples to our online takeover – er, presence: we now have a Tumblr and YouTube channel! We also have an Instagram account! Make sure to go check those out on the “Contact” tab.
In other great news, we received a wonderful review from Sarah Gorman over at NewPages about FlaRe! Click here to go check that out, and make sure to check out NewPages as well for all of your online literary needs.
Hopefully you’ll hear more from us soon!
The staff of FlaRe