Emigration by Zoraida Rivera Morales

I know some lonely houses off the road
Neighbors, aunts, uncles, gone
the yard abandoned,
windows closed or broken.
Some dreams
left on the sill.
Wish you had seen them:
The man cooking dinner,
the mother on the floor
tickling her boy after
the victory of reading!
The yellow curtains, spices
and roses from the garden,
the eating, the laughing,
the silences. Two shoulders
peeking in to make sure child’s asleep.
If you pass now,
dirt films the windows,
plants are dying,
the sun fights the shadows
early morning,
If you pass now,
you’ll miss them, too.
Zoraida Rivera Morales is a bilingual Puerto Rican poet and writer with a background in education and counseling. Her poetry has been published in seven anthologies compiled by June Cotner and will be published in Family Celebrations in 2018. Her poetry in Spanish has been published in the ezine En sentido figurado and in workbooks and textbooks for kids.