Student Edition Spring 2014

Exam_Week_ (1)
“Exam Week” by Bridget Stanton

Editor’s Note

Our featured artwork of this issue, Bridget Stanton’s “Exam Week,” well illustrates how I believe the terrain of my brain looked during this finals week and, well, most of the semester. A crazy external world has certainly led to an even crazier internal one; like the exploding colors in Stanton’s piece, I have felt the flurry, the frenzy building inside of me as I’ve tried to negotiate all of the challenges 2014 has already thrown my way. Read more – Laura Henning, Editor





Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 9.42.37 PM
“Time with Grandpa” by Alexander McNutt


Wilted Roses – by Ann Bradley
Pandora’s Memory – by Lacey Caskin
EHC #04 and #29 – by Tyler Fieldhouse
Sunchaser – by Olivia Junghans




“Mahaly 1” by Aly Schaper


Atomic – by Kara Bell
Eros Turns His Back – by Ezra Blaize
Feeding Hour – by Ezra Blaize
For Walt – by Ezra Blaize
Spring – by Ezra Blaize
Yearbook – by Ezra Blaize
Wallowing in Our Ancestral Swamp – by Elizabeth Doolittle (Honorable Mention Contest Winner)
I Too Walked Small – by Katie Frazier (First Place Contest Winner)
Nude Nana on a Public Beach – by Terell Robinson
The Glass House – by Lauren Weber
Past Lives – by Lauren Weber


“Untitled (Reawakened)” by Maja Hydbom


Nine Square Meters – by Ksenia Panova






Self Reflective by Victoria Haviland

Featured Staff Pieces

Thank You for Calling. Your Call Is Important to Us. – by Professor Stephen Kampa
The Man Becomes the Music – by Professor Stephen Kampa
The Gamble – by Managing Editor Courtney Clark
We Are Empty and Full of Everything – by Poetry Editor Arielle Corsetti
Betrayal – by Fiction Editor Glenna Hursh
Rain Observations – by Non-fiction Editor Kevin Ip
Undone – by Poetry Editor Nicole Zaunbrecher





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