Student Edition Spring 2016

"Musical Blues" by Celeste Rausch
“Musical Blues” by Celeste Rausch


By Chad Collins

Avery’s mother was preparing to leave for the evening. She was to attend an ostensibly Black Tie Christmas affair at the local civic center, the proceeds from which were to benefit the county hospital. Festooned in diamonds– the few remaining remnants from her failed marriage two years prior– she stood before the floor-length mirror in awe of herself. “Fifty-seven,” she thought, “and I still look this good.” Ready to go, she meandered through the hall and popped into Avery’s room.

“I’m leaving now.” She said, leaning in toward his left ear.

Still asleep on his side, Avery mustered a muffled “Yeah, sure. Have fun.”
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“Phases of Mind” by Allison Hartnett