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“Opus of One” by Dr. Ernest Williamson IIISpring 2014 Online Edition

Editor’s Note

What keeps us going?

As FLARE: The Flagler Review encountered a fresh crop of challenges this semester, every member of staff–and especially myself–had to tap into that which inspires us and pushes us forward. Our hearts are meant for filling up, and FLARE has come to occupy a very special space in my own. – Read More — Laura Henning, Editor





“Theme in Red” by Clinton van Inman
“Theme in Red” by Clinton van Inman


TranslationBy Allyson
Every Queen A LiarBy Kevin Halleran
El CaminoBy Jessica Barksdale




“Untitled” by Alain Valet


The Arrival of Medical RecordsBy Alexandra Daley
Father ParticleBy Clinton van Inman
The Stars Are Indifferent to AstronomyBy Zachary Lundgren
You Don’t Name Dead ThingsBy Zachary Lundgren
Trying to Understand String TheoryBy Allison Hymas
I’m sorryBy Allison Hymas
Möbius StripBy Joe Carvalko




003 (1)
“Ambedo #2” by Meredith Jarocki


The Lake EffectBy Phil Quam
The House on Lawrence StreetBy Robyn Segal





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