By Sonya Groves

          To the man on the side of the road

And I want to take you with me
bury you deep within and have you

I stood on the earth as though it were
a planetarium’s floor and looked
at the ceiling; the universe beckoned.

Before me exploded time and space.
Before me collided atoms and light.

A kaleidoscope, a whirling pinwheel,
a patterned maypole in reverse, there is

silence in the raging that’s before my naked eye.
The roof is blown away to a deep black hole,
let me fold it in my pocket, take it out

when the timer’s chimed. I will have you always
in the rhythm of her heart and the surrender
of my soul.


Sonya Groves is a teacher of English and History in San Antonio. She has published a short story in the Abydos Education Journal and has poetry publications in La Noria, The Voices Project, Aries, nin, and Cliterature.  She has been a conference presenter at the East Carolina University Multi-Cultural Literature Review Conference.  Currently she is pursuing her master’s degree in English at Our Lady of the Lake University.