Fall 2014 Cover Artist: Alejandro Gonzalez

Enjoy some more pieces from our Fall 2014 cover artist, Alejandro Gonzalez.

Burning-Out (1)
“Burning Out”


“The Conductor”


Me-and-My-Broke-Heart-1000 (1)
“Me and My Broke Heart”


“Away from Here”

 Alejandro’s Artist Statement

I use photography as a means of self-expression which is why I’m usually my own model. I started a 365 project back in 2013 to cope with my friend’s death. Having to constantly create new work helped me overcome his death and photography became like self-therapy for me.  My goal is to make photographs about my personal experiences and if the viewer happens to feel some sort of connection with my work then that’s a plus. I create work for me and everything else is always a plus.

My choice of subject comes from personal experiences, and music. If I’m experiencing heartbreak then I will portray that in my photos. If a certain song brings back old memories (happy or sad) then I will portray that in my work. I don’t like sticking to one theme because I like to take the viewer into a whole different world with each photograph.

I am inspired by everyday life as well as personal experiences. I hope to bottle up happy and sad moments in my photographs to save for later. This collection of work is a mixture of both my personal experiences and my imagination.

Art from FLARE’s Spring 2014 Online Edition

Art from FLARE’s Spring 2014 Online Edition

“Opus of One” by Dr. Ernest Williamson III

Entrusting Caesar Williamson
“Entrusting Caesar” by Dr. Ernest Williamson III

The Missing Children Williamson
“The Missing Children” by Dr. Ernest Williamson III

Necessity of Embrace
“Necessity of Embrace” by Dr. Ernest Williamson III

Hell Is Not A Surprise Williamson
“Hell Is Not A Surprise” by Dr. Ernest Williamson III

Williamson, an Assistant Professor of English at Allen University, has published over 400 works of poetry and visual art in online and print journals. View more of his work here: www.yessy.com/budicegenius

“Theme in Red” by Clinton van Inman

Clinton van Inman was born in Walton-on-Thames, England in 1945, graduated from San Diego State University in 1977 with a BA in philosophy, and has been an educator most of his life. Currently he is a high school teacher in the Tampa Bay area where he lives with his wife, Elba.

“Untitled” by Alain Valet

Alain Valet was born in 1967 and lives in Belgium. He likes to work with different techniques (China ink, marble painting, wood sculpture, mail art, collage, digital art …), alone or in collaboration with other artists. He is also a poet and philosopher.

003 (1)
“Ambedo #2″ by Meredith Jarocki

As far as my art career in college is concerned, I started work on painting landscapes but I wanted to explore more in detail those landscapes and locations, which are special to me. I have always created works that reflect organic materials because I find them more enjoyable to render than man-made objects for example. These landscapes in the past led me to my current work exploring driftwood from Driftwood Beach on Jekyll Island, Georgia. I am working on a series that reflects the examination of driftwood in a non-traditional way by highlighting the tragedy and beauty of the seemingly thriving, but lifeless trees with the media of paint and pencil drawings.

Art from FLARE’s Fall 2013 print edition

Cover artist for the Fall 2013 issue of FLARE: The Flagler Review

“Shadow Person” by Amelia Eldridge


“Ignorant Butterflies” by Otha Davis III

“Suffocation” by Brittany Bertazon

“Mineko Iwasaki” by Laura Kammermann

“My Michelangelo” by Laura Kammermann

“Betrothal of the Virgins” by Dmitry Borshch

“The Making of Brothers” by Dmitry Borshch

“Daughters of the Dust” by Dmitry Borshch

“Ancestral Swamp” by Matthew Batty

“And Into the Deep We Shall Return” by Matthew Batty


“Alice of Wonderland” by Brianna Angelakis