Art from FLARE’s Fall 2013 print edition

Cover artist for the Fall 2013 issue of FLARE: The Flagler Review

“Shadow Person” by Amelia Eldridge

“Ignorant Butterflies” by Otha Davis III

“Suffocation” by Brittany Bertazon

“Mineko Iwasaki” by Laura Kammermann

“My Michelangelo” by Laura Kammermann

“Betrothal of the Virgins” by Dmitry Borshch

“The Making of Brothers” by Dmitry Borshch

“Daughters of the Dust” by Dmitry Borshch

“Ancestral Swamp” by Matthew Batty

“And Into the Deep We Shall Return” by Matthew Batty

“Alice of Wonderland” by Brianna Angelakis