Angelina DeVincenzo, Editor-in-Chief of Flagler’s Odyssey Online

Drake StevensBy Drake Stevens

The following profile is on Angelina DeVincenzo, Editor-in-Cheif of Odyssey (Flagler). Odyssey defines itself as an, “online social content platform which empowers its thousands of writers to contribute and share what matters to them, and enables content to find its most relevant audience organically. Odyssey is revolutionizing content creation and discovery, enabling compelling, high-quality content to be created and discovered at speed and scale.”

It is important to recognize Odyssey in correlation to FLARE: The Flagler Review, because it is paving the way for how writing will be received, how quickly it will be discovered, and how the style in which it is written is changing. Angelina is a Flagler voice who represents a different form of writing among the community, and could quite possibly represent a new age style of writing for younger audiences to encourage those generations to become involved with the art.

Angelina DeVincenzo, is a sophomore at Flagler College from Tarpon Springs, Florida,  studying religion and philosophy, while also managing Flagler’s branch of Odyssey online as Editor-in-Cheif. DeVincenzo’s academic journey began as she originally applied as a journalism major at the University of Florida, but, through the optimism of her mother, suggested she tour Flagler College, a historical Floridian gem, with which she immediately fell in love.

DeVincenzo has always loved writing and recalls that her first acknowledgment of love for the craft was as early as the fifth grade, although, she knows deeply within her that her love for it precedes the memory. She remembers a field-trip she took to Enterprise Village, an educational program which provides hands-on learning experiences for students, where she chose to work with journalism. After having this experience, DeVincenzo discovered a new love for a new form of writing which she envisions a possibility for her future so that she can travel and write which she explains would be “super ideal”, that is, if she is unable to achieve her primary goal, which is to participate in ministry. With the experience at Enterprise Village, DeVincenzo had the opportunity with interning with the Tampa Bay Times, where she eventually continued the work which was published in the high-school version of the publication called the Tampa Bay Times (II). 

“I love seeing what you can do with words!” DeVincezo said. “It is really cool to be able to tell a story that can appeal to everyone, and also, a place for your voice to be heard.”

DeVincenzo didn’t have a relationship with Odyssey before obtaining her current position. Her involvement with Odyssey was through her inability to have a submitted article published through Odyssey because Flagler didn’t have a team at the time.

“Jake Rosati was the one who reached out to me. He told me that he enjoyed the first article that i wrote and offered me a position at Odyssey to which I accepted. He asked me if I thought that I could hire a team, and I took it on.”

Jake Rosati is the the Managing Editor of Flagler’s branch of Odyssey. He also manages other schools’ within this region and aids those schools in setting up new branches such as the one with which he helped DeVincenzo. DeVincenzo not only navigated Odyssey to Flagler College, but has contributed to the possibility for all future Flagler students, to have their voices heard by using this new platform with which one can witness the evolution of writing by younger audiences.

Though DeVincenzo is a full-time student, she says that the work is worth it because she is doing something that she enjoys.

“It’s all about time management,” she said. “Working on Odyssey obligations is my favorite part of the week!”

DeVincenzo’s main focus for Odyssey right now is expanding the staff. With a bigger staff, the load of editing would decrease, and more voices can be heard. However, it is difficult for larger groups to carve a place within the many busy schedules to make time to meet. However, she believes it will be worth it because “Meeting with other writers is the most beneficial thing for any writer—sharpening ideas, and continually establishing commitment is always a great thing.”

DeVincenzo is also focusing on coaching her Co-Editors on what it takes to eventually become an Editor-in-Cheif of Odyssey. Within the duration of her time with Odyssey, she plans to hire younger Co-Editors who have the same passion for this position that she can trust to further Odyssey’s mission.

As for her future beyond school, DeVincenzo has not yet decided it she will have a future with Odyssey. She has considered internship possibilities, and believes that it is a great opportunity for the moment, but it is not necessarily the type of writing to which she would agree to dedicate the rest of her life. She hopes to become more involved with writing for religion and her religion, and religion among other faiths.

“I think Odyssey is a fantastic program and I would love to see more people taking part in it.” DeVincenzo said. “We don’t always have the opportunity to have our voices heard, and it’s something that we should all take advantage of.”